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lamb fat

Fat is interesting. It had been demonized for years in exchange for basically chemicals that do the same thing. Recent non-biased research has been showing that natural fat is actually healthier for you, on top of taste proven methods of adding depth and flavor. Continue reading →


Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Pasta

cheesy buffalo chicken pasta

This is an old favorite recipe of mine. Delicious, spicy, cheesy goodness, in a one pot, easy to clean up way. Continue reading →

Chipotle Cherry BBQ Sauce


This is a big recipe for me. I’ve always had my dads sauce recipe, and I still use it often to this day, but in the summer of  2015, I had an abundance of frozen cherries(still do) and wanted to do something with them. Continue reading →

Turkey Babyfood

diced turkey

Having cooked a whole turkey, I decided I should make sure my whole family could eat. Having an 8 month old baby does make cooking interesting, but it also helps alleviate some of the leftovers, which helps to save money on babyfood.  Continue reading →

Bacon Wrapped Chipotle Turkey

finishedThe holidays are long over, but here is Pennsyltucky, it’s beginning to feel a lot like winter. We had a few inches of snow fall last night, so my plans of deep frying a turkey went out the window. Not one to waste an opportunity though, as I already had my bird defrosted, it seemed like a great chance to try a variation of my bacon wrapped turkey. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m running low on turkey stock. Continue reading →

Eggs and hashbrowns


eggs done

Hashbrowns and eggs, a simple breakfast, but hearty, and delicious when done properly. I prefer to use my cast iron skillet personally, I think it adds to the crunch of the hashbrowns, and the extra flavors in a well seasoned skillet are on a whole other level. Continue reading →

Poultry Stock


Fresh Turkey Stock

Chicken soup when you’re sick, hot turkey stew on a cold winter evening, a delicious subtle addition to starches, Poultry stocks have plenty of great uses, and are so easy to make and much better tasting, that you’ll never go back to store bought again. Continue reading →

Buffalo Sauce

Buffalo sauce, a spicy, savory way to make everything better. Simple to make, but it contains wonderful complexities to make any meal that much better. From simple wings, to a pick me up in eggs, buffalo sauce should always be kept on hand. Continue reading →


I’ve been cooking for a long time. I started baking as a child, and grew into grilling and BBQ by my early teens, working my way into restaurants as an adult. Continue reading →

Beef Stock

Beef stock is a great base to start with, while simple in its own right, it can help add wonderful complexities to many dishes, and be transformed into some pretty amazing creations with time. Continue reading →