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Happy National Meatball Day! To celebrate, I thought I would share one of my favorite Meatball Recipes.

Is there anything more versatile than a nice, savory meatball? Covered in marinara sauce, cooked in bbq, cream sauce, or even on their own, meatballs make for a great base to build from for any occasion.  Continue reading →


Bacon Wrapped Chipotle Turkey

finishedThe holidays are long over, but here is Pennsyltucky, it’s beginning to feel a lot like winter. We had a few inches of snow fall last night, so my plans of deep frying a turkey went out the window. Not one to waste an opportunity though, as I already had my bird defrosted, it seemed like a great chance to try a variation of my bacon wrapped turkey. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m running low on turkey stock. Continue reading →