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Pic of the Week: Pig Roast


A beautifully cooked pig, stuffed with homemade sausage and kielbasa. This is why I learned to cook. Retired chef Tim Matovich in picture, with his double rotisserie trailer.


Pic of the Week: Rotisserie Chicken


A dozen chickens on my friends rotisserie for a party. Cooked in front of live flame with a wind wall behind.

Pic of the Week: Grill Menagerie


A small pig, a brisket, an elk roast, and other assorted meats, all lovingly smoking away on the grill.

Pic of the Week: Pigs Head

pigs head

Half pigs head from Greenhouse Tavern, Cleveland, OH


This is actually a 2 picture week, one a delicious roasted pigs head from Greenhouse Tavern, in Cleveland. The other, a pigs head now I wish I could have eaten back then. It was tradition at the pig roasts to put the head on a spit, not realizing the spectacular meat going to waste.

Pic of the Week: Happy Accident

finished short ribs

Pressure cooker short ribs. While good, not what they should have been. Cooked from frozen, properly seared at least, but no time to remove the excess fat, and a little to long in the cooker. A meal doesn’t have to be pretty to be delicious.

Pic of the Week: Lambchops

ovenroasted lambchops

Mouthwatering lambchops. A perfect medium rare, tender and juicy to the last bite. Recipe and instructions coming… eventually.

Pic of the Week: Onions and carrots

onionsreadyJust some onions and carrots cooking down in the pressure cooker

Pic of the Week: Blue Crabs


From the edge of the Chesapeake to here in 6 hours, one of my most favorite and rarest to have dishes. Right behind Dungeness crabs.

Pic of the Week: Shadoons

Pic of the Week: Messy Breakfast Biscuits

I was feeling particularly creative one morning and came up with these. I’ll be posting the recipe in coming weeks, hopefully with better pictures.