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Pressure Cooker Turkey Thighs


The knife was useless, just habit

It’s that time of the month again, where I clean out my freezer from everything that’s been there for too long. Today, I had the luck to stumble upon frozen turkey thighs, and with the pressure cooker, that isn’t even a problem.  Turkey thighs always seemed to be tough to me coming out of the oven or even on the grill, but the pressure cooker makes it fall right off the bone.  Continue reading →


The Pressure Cooker

both cookers

This is single-handedly, the most useful piece of kitchen equipment I own, which is why it warrants its own post. With such a wide array of uses, if you can only own one pot, for whatever reasons, buy a pressure cooker. There are both stovetop and electric models available, both with their own benefits and differences. Continue reading →

Pressure Cooker Pulled Pork


Pulled pork, such a versatile and delicious dish, but it takes so long to cook. It’s also usually considered a summer dish outdoors with the smoker, not something for mid winter.  Now with the help of a pressure cooker, in under an hour, you can turn a fresh pork butt into tender, flavorpacked pulled pork.  Continue reading →