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Revs Family Sauce

To kick off National Barbecue Month, I thought I would do a write up on the first sauce I ever learned to make. My dad taught me this sauce at a very young age, smoking ribs in the electric Little Chief, but it works with all sorts of pork, and even brisket and tri tip.  Continue reading →


Chipotle Cherry BBQ Sauce


This is a big recipe for me. I’ve always had my dads sauce recipe, and I still use it often to this day, but in the summer of  2015, I had an abundance of frozen cherries(still do) and wanted to do something with them. Continue reading →

Buffalo Sauce

Buffalo sauce, a spicy, savory way to make everything better. Simple to make, but it contains wonderful complexities to make any meal that much better. From simple wings, to a pick me up in eggs, buffalo sauce should always be kept on hand. Continue reading →